DALiuGE Component Developers Guide

Welcome to the DALiuGE Component Developers Guide (DCDG).

The DALiuGE workflow graph execution framework enables an almost complete separation of concerns between graph development and component development. This guide specifically addresses the concern of component development. Please refer to the DALiuGE Introduction for a top-level introduction to the entire system, and read our overview paper.

NOTE: The DCDG is work in progress!

Should you have any questions, please contact us at: dfms_prototype AT googlegroups DOT com


As you use DALiuGE for your exciting projects, please cite the following paper:

Wu, C., Tobar, R., Vinsen, K., Wicenec, A., Pallot, D., Lao, B., Wang, R., An, T., Boulton, M., Cooper, I. and Dodson, R., 2017. DALiuGE: A Graph Execution Framework for Harnessing the Astronomical Data Deluge. Astronomy and Computing, 20, pp.1-15. (2017)