Pyfunc Components

Pyfunc components are generalized python components that can be configured to behave as a custom python component entirely through component parameters and application arguments. A pyfunc component maps directly to an existing python function or a lambda expression, named application arguments and input ports are mapped to the function keyword args, and the result is mapping to the output port.

Port Parsers

Pyfunc components when interfacing with data drops may utilize one of several builtin port parsing formats.

  • Pickle - Reads and writes data to pickle format

  • Eval - Reads data using eval() function and writes using repr() function

  • Npy - Reads and writes to .npy format

  • Path - Reads the drop path rather than data

  • Url - Reads the drop url rather than data


Only a single port parser can currently be used for all input ports of a Pyfunc. This is subject to change in future.